Entries open 1 March 2023

The Houw Hoek Tour is a non-competitive 2 day MTB stage event. The objective is to give MTB’s and newcomers to multi-stage events (NOT NEWCOMERS TO MTB) the opportunity to enjoy a weekend of scenic, fun and non-competitive riding. However, make sure that you are fit as each of the two stages are approximately 50 km, mostly on gravel roads (including jeep and single tracks) and that you can and love riding single tracks.

Event Dates 6 & 7 May 2023
Start times 07h30 and 8h00 on both days; Starting batches at 7h30, 7h45, 8h00
Registration 14h00 – 19h00 on 6 May at the Houw Hoek Hotel & 07h00 – 08h00 on 7 May at the Houw Hoek Hotel
Start venue The Houw Hoek Hotel
Finish venue The Houw Hoek Hotel
Entry fee R 1000 per person (individual entries, not team entries), which includes a Worsroll and chips on Saturday and a Hamburger and chips on Sunday, at the Hotel.
It excludes accommodation.

*Please ensure that you download and sign the indemnity form! download form

Accommodation options

The Houw Houk Tour gives you the opportunity to cycle some of the W2W routes and trails. The Tour aims to let you explore and experience what a multi-stage event is all about and offers a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. Only STRAVA timing is done.

The start and finish of both stages will be at the Houwhoek Hotel at 8h00.

  • Stage 1 on Saturday: Beaumont & Wildekrans Loop
    A 45km & 770m climb loop down Houwhoek Pass, on the new Beaumont River Trail, Van der Stel Pass, Rooihoogte, Wildekrans, Beaumont and back up the Houwhoek Pass.

  • Stage 2 on Sunday: Paul Cluver Loop
    A 50km & 1000m climb loop past Lebanon town, Paul Cluver and back along the Korteshoven and Houwhoek Switchback and Single Tracks.

Route maps and profiles: https://entries.mtb-adventures.co.za/events/77039-houwhoek-tour

The following accommodation sites offer a variety of sleeping facilities, within a 10km radius from the Houw Hoek Hotel. Please arrange own accommodation.

SEE www.elgingrabouwtourism.co.za for best accommodation options.

Accommodation Site/Email Contact Number Accommodation Type
Aanhouwen Cottages http://www.summerescape.co.za/accommodation/aanhouwen-cottages-2358 082 299 5667 Self-Catering
Akkerdoppie 072214 2510 Self-Catering
Apple Mountain Guest Farm 021 849 8771 Guest House
Applecreek True North 072214 2510
Arabella Hotel http://www.africanpridehotels.com/arabella-hotel-spa.html 028 28400 00 Luxury Hotel
Avolonte Lodge
www.avolontelodge.co.za 021 859 2222 Self-catering Cottages
Back2Basics www.b2bcamps.co.za 021 849 8519 Campsite
Barton Villas www.bartonvillas.co.za 028 284 9283 Self-Catering
Beaumont www.beaumont.co.za 028 284 9194 Cottages
Bodemloos Cottage 021846 8298 Self-catering
Botriver Hotel http://www.bothot.co.za/ 028 284 9640 Backpackers
Brookelands Stone Cottage www.elginfarmstay.co.za 082 658 5744 Self-Catering
Button Quail Tents www.buttonquail.co.za 072 820 6166
Luxury Tents
Coot’s Cottage 021849 8692 Self-catering
Eikenhof Lapa Cottages 082805 6517 Self-catering
Elgin Hills Tented Camp www.elginhills.co.za 021 846 8119 Luxury Tents
Elgin Training Centre www.elf1.co.za 021 848 9413 / 082 761 0719 for Ilze Beyers Backpackers
Galileo Farm www.galileofarm.co.za 021 849 8692/ 076 151 0035 Self-Catering
Glen Stuart Cottages 021 844 0197 Luxury Cottages
Glenbrae Cottages 021844 0011 Self-catering
Goede Hoop 082458 3790 Self-catering
Goedvertrouw Wine Estate 028 284 9769 Guest House
Grabouw Lodge www.grabouwlodge.co.za 021 859 3780 Lodge
Houw Hoek Hotel houwhoekhotel.com 028 284 9646 Family Hotel
Inn on Highlands www.innonhighlands.co.za 082 498 5246 Luxury & standard cottages
Iona Cottage 028284 9678 Self-catering
Klipkop Chalet www.chaletklipkop.co.za 021 859 4836 Self-catering
Kogelberg Backpackers 021846 8337 Self-catering
Kolkol Mountain Lodge www.kolkol.co.za 028 284 9406 / 082 654 5090 Mountain Lodge
Lavender Cottages 072 377 8251 Self-catering
Libertas Guest House www.wheretostay.co.za/lavendercottages 072 377 8251 B&B
Lilybank Cottage www.capestay.co.za 021 859 1258 Self-catering
Malplaas Cottages www.malplaas.co.za 028 425 3004 / 083 662 1560 Self catering Cottages
Mountain View B&B 021 859 3952 B&B
MTO Ecotourism 021 859 2606 Self catering Cottages
Mizpah Youth Camp 021846 8224 Self-catering
Mofam River Lodge http://www.mofam.co.za/ 021846 8345 B&B
Oak Lane www.oaklane.co.za 021 844 0248 Cottages on Farm
Oak Valley Cottages www.oakvalley.co.za/cottage
021 859 2510 /0825651559 /Riana@oakvalley.co.za Self-catering Lux Cottage
Old MacDaddy Lux Trailer Park www.oldmacdaddy.co.za 021 447 8105 Lux Trailer Park
Pippins Country House www.elginvalley.co.za/member_view.aspx?id=189 021 848 9158 /083 738 3665 /pippins@iafrica.com Cottage
Porcupine Guest Farm www.porcupinehills.co.za 028 284 9066 Guest Farm
Rockhaven Farm http://rockhavenfarm.co.za/ 021849 8518 B&B
Rose Cottage 083261 0674 / mandy@hwi.co.za Self-catering
South Hill Guest House
www.southhill.co.za 021 844 0033 Luxury Guest House
South Hill Lux Guest Villa www.southhill.co.za 021 844 0033 / 082 774 1101 Lux Villa
Tinanda Guest Cottage 082728 2491 Self-catering
Tri-active www.triactive.co.za 021 844 0975 Luxury tents
Villa Exner Boutique Hotel www.villaexner.com 028 284 9066 Boutique Hotel
Vredelust http://www.vredelust.com/ 028840 1735 B&B
Vredenhof Lodge 082 552 5489 Lodge
Weltevrede Cottage 076405 7536 / anellacock@yahoo .com Self-catering
Wildekrans Cottages www.wildekrans.com 084 228 2824 Self catering Cottages
Wildekrans Guesthouse www.wildekrans.co.za 028 284 9827 Guesthouse

Village Cycles will service bikes and do repairs at Houw Hoek Hotel. Contact Jannie at 076 470 2565.

As leaders and trainers in Compex, TEAMXCEED we will be using Compex to assist with post day recovery.

supports and underwrites TEAMxCEED, the only registered Compex Competence Centre in South Africa.

As we get closer to our starting date, cyclists will invariably be planning their training and race tactics thoroughly and with care. Planning your post RACE STAGE RECOVERY to ensure that injury is dealt with (or avoided) is probably the most important factor in ensuring your best performance. Simply your body needs to heal itself as efficiently and quickly as possible.

TEAMXCEED is the only RECOVERY TEAM in South Africa who provides highly qualified Sports Masseurs combined with Compex recovery treatment

7 reasons why massage helps recovery:

  • Excellent way to improve mood, reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure.
  • Reduces the waste of metabolites around the muscle.
  • It reduces pain felt in the week following the race.
  • Helps reduce the swelling after enduring exercise.
  • Release of tight muscles, especially hamstrings and quads.
  • Contributes to healing of soft tissues, increasing all the feel-good chemicals in the body such as dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins.
  • Relax! You did it! Massage is a wonderful way to relax and take time out to feel pampered after such a grueling training regime and race.

TURBO CHARGE your performance with Compexrecovery programs!

Add another 7 different beneficial effects,

  • Elimination of Lactic Acid and other toxins;
  • Contributes to a rapid recovery of the muscular tissue;
  • Calms pains associated with training;
  • General relaxation process produces a localized anti-spasmodic effect;
  • Allows you to face the next race day in optimum condition, therefore maximizing your performance and better assimilating the work conducted;
  • Reduce inflammation of the muscles, get rid of waste build-up, extend the overall life of your sporting career.
  • Ultimately, it accelerates muscle recuperation after an intense race day.

Sports Massage treatments :
Compex Treatments :
Put your name on the list when you finish each day. Masseurs will work in order from the list.

image001 xceed logo As leaders and trainers in Compex, TEAMXCEED we will be using Compex to assist with post day recovery.
As leaders and trainers in Compex, TEAMXCEED we will be using Compex to assist with post day recovery.
DAN GROBLER BIOKINETICS, supports and underwrites TEAMxCEED, the only registered Compex Competence Centre in South Africa.
DAN GROBLER BIOKINETICS, supports and underwrites TEAMxCEED, the only registered Compex Competence Centre in South Africa.
dan grobler1




Cape Trails

Cape Trails

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